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R32 wifi control inverter 7.3kw 10.2kw 16.4kw 18.2kw 21.2kw 25.2kw swimming pool heat pump

Short Description:

Type:Air Source swimming pool Heat Pump

Heat source:Air Source 75%+electricity25%

Model Number:NL-PB25Y/32

Heat exchanger:Titanium Heat Exchanger

Expansion valve:Emerson Electric Expansion Valve

Housing Material:Anti-corrosion and firm Plastic Casing


Certification:CB, CE, EMC, EMF, ROHS


Brand Name:Nulite NEW ENERGY

Function:Pool heating &cooling


Sound Level:21~45 dba

Net Size:832*338*586mm,935*370*656mm,1118*415*749

Net weight(kg):33,36,56,61,76,84kg,

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Core element
    Emerson solenoid valve
    Environmental refrigerant R32
    Water cycle air source heat pump
    Patented 100% titanium Heat exchanger in PVC & INOX Shell

    Detailed Features

    • 1.The world-famous EEV electronic expansion valve is critical PID control the volume of the refrigerant accurately and reduce energy consumption.
    • 2.The compressor can be on or off according to the actual energy need so the units are reliable and easy tp control.
    • 3.Air exchanger(fins-coil)with hydrophilic coating has a stronger anti-corrosion feature and performs higher efficiency.
    • 4.With strong - countercurrent design, the patented C&S heat exchanger is conducive to improving the efficiency and reliability of the unit.

    1.Excellent outlook design wins high appreciation
    2.Compact structure and good demonstrability
    3.Patented 100% titanium Heat exchanger in PVC & INOX Shell
    4.Intelligent Microcomputer controller
    5.High-efficiency compressor with R417a/R407C/R410A refrigerant
    6.Air exchanger with a hydrophilic coating
    7.The automatic defrosting function included
    8.Low noise and high COP




    Model NL-PB25Y/32 NL-PB35Y/32 NL-PB50Y/32 NL-PB60Y/32 NL-PB70Y/32 NL-PB80Y/32
    Advised pool volume 15~40 20~50 35~70 40~80 45~90 50~100
    Power source 220V~240V ~50hz ~1 phase
    Operating ambient temp -15 ~ 43℃)
    Casing type ABS Plastic
    Funtions Heating & Cooling
    Refrigerant R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
    Heating: (Air 26Water 26/ Humidity 80%)
    Capacity  (KW) 7.3 10.2 16.4 18.2 21.2 25.2
    Power input  (KW) 0.13~1.05 0.20~1.65 0.32~2.65 0.35~2.85 0.41~3.41 0.48~3.98
    COP (W/W) 16.16~6.98 14.50~6.26 14.50~6.19 14.98~6.38 14.70~6.22 14.62~6.33
    Heating: (Air 15 Water 26/Humidity 70%) Capacity  (KW) 5.2 7.2 11.9 13.8 15.8 18.6
    Power input  (KW) 0.14~0.93 0.22~1.42 0.37~2.46 0.44~2.89 0.49~3.25 0.58~3.87
    COP (W/W) 7.62~5.63 6.84~5.06 8.26~4.84 8.26~4.78 8.25~4.86 8.27~4.81
    Max Current (A) 8 10 18 18 22 26
    Power cable (mm²) 3x2.5 3x2.5 3x4.0 3x4.0 3x6.0 3x6.0
    Circuit breaker A) 9 12 16 20 24 28
    Sound pressure@1M dB(A) 36~46 38~49 41~50 42~51 43~53 44~55
    Sound pressure@2M dB(A) 20~26 21~30 23~31 24~32 25~36 26~37
    Compressor type Twin-rotary DC Inverter
    Condenser Spiral titanium tube in PVC
    Evaperator Hydrophilic aluminium fins & copper tubes
    Fan type DC motor fan - Horizontal
    Fan quantity 1 PCS
    Advised water flow (m3/h) 2~3 3~4 5~7 6~8 7~9 8~10
    Water connection (mm) 50 50 50 50 50 50
    Unit dimensions (W*D*H) (mm) 832*338*586 832*338*586 935*370*656 935*370*656 1118*415*749 1118*415*749
    Packing dimensions (W*D*H)   (mm) 990*705*430 990*705*430 995*435*710 995*435*710 1172*513*833 1172*513*833
    Net weight  (KG) 33 36 56 61 76 84
    Gross weight  (KG) 39 42 66 71 85 93
    Price in dollar




    Product Advantage

    1.Patented Efficient Heat Exchanger
    The patented high-efficiency heat exchangers have a strong counter-current design and are helpful for refrigerant supercooling between the shell and tubes s small this leads to a larger flow which makes return easy Addition the Large tube diameter prevents tubes from deposits and blocking


    2.Temperature Compensation Technology
    Automatic compensation technology Can adjust water temperature according to the ambient temperature which means you always feel comfortable ,Whether in winter or summer.


    3.Compressor Interchange Control Logic
    Compressor interchange control logic ensures only the energy required delivered to the terminals with up to three compressors on or of which provides you both comfortable temperatures and a longer service life of the units while consuming less energy


    Our Company
    product-R32 wifi control 20KW NL-BKDX50-200IIR32 A+++ Heat PumpHeating Cooling Hot Water expansio-3
    product-R32 wifi control 20KW NL-BKDX50-200IIR32 A+++ Heat PumpHeating Cooling Hot Water expansio-4


    1.What is your advantages,comparing with other water heaters?

    Avoiding electric water heater leakage, dry, high power consumption.

    Avoiding the drawbacks of gas water heater,such as producing harmful gases,Fits and starts etc.

    Energy efficient, safety and environmental protection, all-weather operation,easy to use.

    2.How many years’guarantee?

    2 years

    3.What is the package?

    Carton box

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