About HP

Simply use more environmental energy.


Nulite new energy heat pumps are true marvels of efficiency: they get up to 80 % of the energy they need for heating and producing hot water from the environment. They only need electricity for the remaining 20 %, and they use it extremely economically. Run your heat pump with green electricity and your heating will be entirely CO2-neutral. Even better, use solar photovoltaic and become completely energy independent!


Advantages & Facts.


Incorporating a high-efficiency heat pump ensures your property is fit for the future and increases its value in the long term.                                           



Nulite heat pumps take up to 80% of the required energy from the environment. This saves on heating costs and contributes to the Energy Transformation.


A heat pump means you’re no longer reliant on oil and gas, while enjoying the utmost security of supply.                                                                                 



When combined with green electricity from photovoltaic panels, Nulite heat pumps are completely  CO2-free.