ERP A+++ DC Inverter Heat Pump

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The Hitachi Yutaki M air source heat pump is a compact and efficient home heating solution that operates quietly and provides year-round comfort, making it one of the best air source heat pumps in the UK. Hitachi is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that has been operating in the European market since 1982.
The company, headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, is regularly ranked among the top 500 companies in the world. Hitachi is consistently ranked as one of the best air source heat pump manufacturers in the UK and worldwide, and Hitachi Yutaki M received the prestigious international award (Heating System Manufacturer of the Year at the InstallerLive Awards 2011).
Hitachi Yutaki M is a compact air source heat pump that provides year-round comfort and an excellent heating temperature range. Ideal for domestic heating and hot water applications, the pump delivers good performance in ambient temperatures down to -20°C.
Hitachi Yutaki M is equipped with a remote control and an application with various modes for efficient power consumption adjustment. This air source heat pump is also one of the most compact on the market – it only requires an outdoor unit and no indoor space, making it ideal for smaller properties.
Price: Hitachi air source heat pumps can be priced higher than other brands due to their higher quality and compact size, which many other competitors cannot do. You will need between £6,000 and £12,000 (depending on the model) and a certified engineer to install the heat pump.
Hitachi Yutaki’s range uses high-efficiency DC inverter scroll compressors to improve reliability (Image credit: Hitachi)
The Hitachi Yutaki M air source heat pump is a great alternative to boilers as it can provide good heat from both low and high temperature radiators and underfloor heating. The Hitachi Yutaki M has two heating circuits, a simple yet powerful weather compensation system and an ErP efficiency rating of up to A+++. Hitachi Yutaki M air source heat pumps range in power from 7.5kW to 14kW, and their dry screed feature (the time required from the initial screed laying to the final floor laying) also makes them ideal for new construction.
The pump can be installed in large houses, small apartments and schools. Overall, the Hitachi Yutaki M has one of the highest efficiency ratings on the market and can be combined with other renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal. Given that this is a very compact air source heat pump that only requires one outdoor unit, one of its main advantages is that you can control everything remotely. The outdoor unit itself is also very compact, only 600 mm high depending on the model.
The Hitachi Yutaki M is compact enough to fit outside (Image credit: Hitachi)
The Hitachi Yutaki M air source heat pump can produce water up to 60°C (55°C for 4~6HP) without back-up heating elements. It operates over a wide temperature range from approximately -25ºC to 46ºC (-25ºC to 25ºC for heating and 10 to 46ºC for cooling). This wide temperature range handles extreme weather conditions well. The inverter technology used by heat pumps also means that the output matches the heat load of your home. At the same time, the world famous Hitachi high pressure scroll compressor ensures higher reliability. In fact, the Yutaki M is so powerful that you can use it to heat your pool.
The heat pump also has weather-compensating controls. This technology can help heating systems operate more efficiently by monitoring outdoor and indoor temperatures and adjusting the pump accordingly. As a result, you will reduce temperature fluctuations and make your home more comfortable overall.
Hitachi Yutaki M has low volume and various power saving modes to suit your lifestyle and save energy. For example, you can set the heat pump to comfort, frost protection, energy saving or holiday mode. Other smart features offered by the system include a weekly timer and a favorites button.
With the ATW-RTU-05 remote thermostat, you can also control the Hitachi Yutaki M via an intuitive smartphone app. The app includes features such as a one-touch vacation button (which puts the boiler in low power mode while you’re away) and frost protection. All operations are also easy to control with a remote control, so you can make any changes to your heating system without having to go outside. All you have to do is press a button.
Hitachi Yutaki M is RHI compliant for domestic and foreign manufacturers and is fully MCS certified, which means you can make money by selling energy to the national grid. Not only will this air source heat pump meet all your heating and domestic water needs while cutting down on your energy bills, it can also cut your carbon footprint by up to 70%, making it the perfect green choice for your home.
The pump does not require cooling and can be installed quickly and easily. This highly efficient system is ideal for replacing traditional boilers. For example, it is four times more efficient, using just 1 kW of electricity to extract renewable energy from the air and generate 4 kW of heat. This makes it a particularly attractive product for new properties and more environmentally conscious consumers.
Hitachi Yutaki M is an inexpensive air source heat pump. The pump itself costs between £3,620 and £5,030. The purchase and installation of the system will cost approximately £6,000-12,000 (prices will vary depending on the model and company you choose to install).
However, it is worth noting that once you pay the initial costs, you can look forward to years of potential savings and returns that will quickly pay off your investment. As with most Hitachi air source heat pumps, installation is simple and the heat pump is easy to maintain. With an intuitive interface, setup takes only 5 minutes. All components of the heat pump are also easily accessible.
All Hitachi systems carry a standard 5-year warranty provided the system is installed by a qualified engineer. In some cases, you can request a certified installer to also receive an exclusive 7-year parts and labor warranty.
Hitachi Yutaki M provides the highest performance for efficient heating and comfort in your home during the harshest winters. The Hitachi Yutaki M air source heat pump can be compared with the following systems:
Compared to its competitors, the Hitachi Yutaki M has an impressive A+++ energy rating and 500% efficiency, making it very energy efficient and capable of saving a lot of money over its lifetime.
“Hitachi is a big player in the technology industry and they don’t disappoint when it comes to air source heat pumps (…) Yutaki’s air source heat pump series are compact units with some of the highest efficiency ratings on the market. “Handbook of Boilers
“The range includes different capacities and water temperatures to suit your requirements and gives you cutting-edge technology to maintain the perfect indoor climate, whether it’s cold or warm outside.”
“Yutaki M can provide both hot water and heating, making it the ideal boiler replacement technology for properly insulated homes, and can also be used with existing heating solutions. It is a compact solution where one unit is installed outside the building without taking up interior space “. SOFLEX
At the time of writing this review, there are no customer reviews for the Hitachi Yutaki M air source heat pump. However, thanks to this product, Hitachi was able to win the “Heating Equipment Manufacturer of the Year” title in 2011.
The Yutaki-M monobloc is considered one of the best air source heat pumps on the market. One of its features is that you do not need to install indoor modules in your home. Instead, all cooling is sealed in the outdoor unit, making it ideal for smaller and newer properties.
Another important consideration when reviewing Hitachi Yutaki M is that all Hitachi Yutaki air source heat pumps are RHI, MCS compliant and Legionella proof for domestic hot water making them particularly attractive to attract new customers. The heat pump is also covered by a five-year warranty.
Because the heat pump has such a wide operating temperature range, it can withstand extreme weather while still producing hot water and works well with high temperature radiators and underfloor heating. While air source heat pumps can be expensive as an initial investment, it’s only a matter of time before you start to see significant gains in energy savings and home comfort.
More than half of Hitachi Yutaki M models have an A+++ energy rating and multiple operating modes to better suit your lifestyle and temperature preferences. This heat pump is without a doubt one of the best on the market and the most durable air source heat pump in the UK. However, if you are looking for a more powerful solution, you can also check out the next model in the Hitachi Yutaki range, the Yutaki S80, which can heat water up to 80ºC and is five times more efficient than standard heating systems by comparison. .
When considering a Hitachi Yutaki M heat pump, we considered several factors. We included five key criteria: design, durability, efficiency, performance, and warranty options, and reviewed feedback from professionals and customers who have installed and tried the product. We also compared the Hitachi Yutaki M to some of the best heat pumps in the UK in terms of performance and price. The weights of the analyzed factors are as follows:

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